Lightspeed Live Capture


Enterprise-Class Automated Capture & Ingest

Scalable, automated, multichannel IP and SDI on-premise capture solution for ingesting live, live linear or tape-based media directly into production, post-production and broadcast workflows. Lightspeed Live Capture processes video in 16-bit space to preserve total source quality and it records in wide variety of mezzanine formats files for delivery to local shared storage, CIFS, FTP, S3, Aspera and more.

Multi-Channel IP and SDI Capture

Capture and process of up to four 3G-SDI inputs or a ganged UHD or 4K signal while also ingesting multiple MPEG-2 (SPTS, MPTS) and RTMP sources all within a single, compact 1RU server. Combine multiple units together to build a capture farm that can be run and managed remotely. Includes support for genlock, captions, timecode burn-in, override, audio channel mapping, and metadata labels and variables.

Wide Format Support & Delivery Options

Record into enterprise-class codecs and containers ready for any workflow. Programmatic content insertion allows you to add custom leaders, trailers or fills. Support for MPEG2 TS, DNxHD/HR, AVC Intra, Apple ProRes, XDCAM, HEVC, MXF OP1a, TIFO, and many more. Deliver files to open workflows via growing capture, write to onboard RAID or shared network storage, file-delivery services via Aspera, S3, FTP servers, or CIFS.

RS422 VTR Deck Control & Tape Logging

Easily manage multiple SDI-connected VTR decks in the GUI or using hot-key based transport controls. Control decks and capture actions remotely via the Web Services API. Built-in scheduling, triggering and automation features allow for set-it and forget-it capture and ingest workflows. 60-second time-shift buffer means you won’t miss any critical footage. Define and bind capture variables, populate labels for downstream actions.

Easy-to-Use Web Interface

Designed with a simple, intuitive web-based, HTML5 compatible user interface. Allows for complete control or remote management from any web portal and scales easily for large system deployment. Built-in calendar, scheduling and Web Services API make setting up ingestion and capture events extremely easy.

Growing File Record for Open Workflows

Record any source into growing files for instant, ongoing delivery to any production or processing workflow. Record and share edit-ready formats with Avid Media Central, Adobe Premiere, Switch, Vantage Social Media Connector, Apple Final Cut Pro and more. Lower turnaround times for clips, highlights or promo packages in live and post-production environments.

16-bit Video Processing

Never lose a bit. Superior, real-time video signal processing inherited directly from our industry-leading media processing platform, Vantage. Lightspeed Live Capture processes video in 16-bit space to preserve the highest quality assets and adhere to source material with complete accuracy. Future-ready for UHD, HDR, WCG, SMPTE 2022 processing requirements.

Live Capture to Vantage

Create Live Capture and Tape Capture origin actions in the Vantage Workflow Designer to initiate smart, automated media processing workflows within a corresponding Vantage domain. Seamlessly and efficiently condition your media for contextualized viewing windows with correct branding, ads, captioning, ABR packaging, etc. from all from a single capture event.

Stream + Capture on the Same System

Lightspeed Live Capture can be combined with Lightspeed Live Stream to encode and stream multiscreen ABR OTT content to multiple destinations on the web. Deliver live HLS, MPEG-DASH, and RTMP streams directly to CDNs or publish to social media platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube Live, while capturing mezzanine quality files into open workflows. Includes support for multichannel publishing, IDR frame insertion, SCTE-35/104 compatibility, programmatic control, and more.